Built to Bloom: W.O.W. 6 Year Anni Fundraiser

BUILT TO BLOOM celebrates 6 years of the W.O.W. Project, a femme, queer, and trans led community initiative using art and activism to grow and protect NYC Chinatown’s creative culture in a time of rapid change. With the mythological turtle carrying a blossoming Chinatown on its back, Built to Bloom honors the foundational work of W.O.W.’s femme, queer, and trans youth community as well as the activists and organizers of Chinatown past. W.O.W. remains rooted in this legacy and committed to the collective work of building a blooming future for our communities. The W.O.W. Project is a grassroots initiative sustained through the support of our community, within New York's Chinatown and beyond. Your contribution will help fund our 7th year of cultural organizing work, which includes an exciting lineup of 5 new programs to be announced soon :)  

All donations made to the W.O.W. Project are tax-deductible. W.O.W. is a registered 501c3. You can donate by clicking below. If you would like to mail or drop off a check at the shop on 26 Mott St, please write your check out to:

The W.O.W. Project Inc
26 Mott St.
New York, NY 10013

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